Cancellation of the Order shall be taken place either before or post shipment or courier.

1. Cancellation of the Order before Shipment/courier The Order may be cancelled before shipment/courier due to any of the following reasons:

 a. If the product or specific model is out of stock

 b. When the Order couldn’t shipped within the specific timeline

 c. The shipping address is unserviceable

 d. On Customer’s request

 f. Any other reasons beyond the control of the Seller

 g. If the Product is prohibited in the destination country

2. Conditions

a. Customer shall not accept delivery of any item, if the packaging is tampered or damaged and the same shall be noted in the delivery.

b. Ensure that the Product is under manufacturer’s warranty.

c. In the event of cancellation, the buyer can place Order for different Product of same value, or same Product of different brand. If the Order is out of stock, Buyer may choose to wait for the tentative period as informed by the Customer Service to enjoy with the actual Product Ordered for.

d. No refund or replacement shall be allowed for the Products refused by the Customer for any reason other than the reasons mentioned in point 2 above.

e. No cancellation or refund shall be allowed for the Products under manufacturer’s warranty

f. Refund or Replacement shall be processed only after receipt of consignment by the Seller.